Service Units

Organizational Chart

College Administration

Name Title Contact topics Contact info
Teresa Albertson Program Assistant II
202 Catt
Andrew Albinger Director ITS II
339 Durham Durham
Levi Baber Manager Information Technology I
0114 Gilman
Eric Bentzinger Director of Development
202 Catt
Barry Britt Systems Analyst III
0114 Gilman
Taren Crow Program Coordinator III Career Services, Internships
129 Carver
Venita Currie Academic Fiscal Officer III Budget Tracking, eData Reports, Financial Policies, Special Course Fees, Goldsheets, Graduate Tuition Scholarships, LASCAC LAS Computer – Accounts, Research Grants and Contracts
202 Catt
Brad Dahlsten Systems Support Specialist IV
65C Physics
Michael Gens Executive Director of Development Development/Fund Raising
202 Catt
Jess Guess Communications Specialist Around LAS – Faculty-Staff Newsletter, Alumni Magazine (Link), Press Releases, Marketing needs

Nancy T. Guthrie Program Coordinator II Study Abroad
107 Catt
Bill Gutowski Associate Dean Faculty Professional Development Assignments, Faculty Start-ups, Graduate Programs and Policies, Matching Funds for Grants, Research and Economic Development Council, Research Grants and Contracts Policy, Signature Research Initiative, Small Grants
3021 Agronomy
Arne Hallam Associate Dean Budget Approvals, Course Availability – Budget and Personnel, Funding for Lectures, Conferences, Information Technology, International Programs, LASCAC LAS Computer – Proposals, Online and Distance Education, Promotion and Tenure Policies, Space and Facilities, Sustainability and Green Initiatives
237 Catt
Mallory Hamilton Program Coordinator I Human Resources, Recruitment (Faculty and Staff), Faculty Awards, Foreign Travel Grants
227 Catt
Stephanie Hamilton Program Coordinator II Curriculum Committee Processes, Continuous Improvement Program, External Reviews of LAS Programs – Schedules, Learning Communities, Connections, Frontiers, Phi Beta Kappa
202 Catt
Kathy Houseman Student Services Specialist IV
141 Catt
Jane Jacobson Program Director Advising Services, Course Availability – Seat Requests, Student Academic Appeals
102 Catt
Amy Juhnke Communications Manager II
2659E Gilman
Stacy Kilstofte Program Coordinator III
202 Catt
Jeff Lucas Manager Information Technology I
2123C Snedecor
Stacey Maifeld Communications Specialist III
2659D Gilman
Nolan McDonald Program Coordinator II
225 Catt
Kim McDonough Program Coordinator II Alumni Relations
202 Catt
Brent Moore Manager Information Technology I
495B Carver
Sandra Norvell Program Coordinator I Faculty Sponsored Funding Orientation and Overview, Grant Writing & Sponsored Funding Workshops, Research Funding Opportunities, How to Develop a Proposal to meet Funder Guidelines, How to Prepare a Proposal Budget and Budget Justification, How to Navigate the Internal ISU Approvals, How to Submit a Proposal to an External Funding Agency
202 Catt
Jennifer Owens Program Coordinator III
102 Catt
Elizabeth Peterson Communications Specialist II
2659C Gilman
Dan Rice Program Coordinator III Recruitment (Students), Recruitment (Students) – Experience Iowa State, Departmental Visits, LAS Ambassadors
102 Catt
Beate Schmittmann Dean
202 Catt
Gaye Simonson Administrative Specialist III Dean Schmittmann's Calendar, Representative Assembly
202 Catt
Amy Slagell Associate Dean Curriculum Development, Cross-Disciplinary Studies Programs, Community College Articulation and Regents Connections, External Reviews of LAS Programs – Policies and Planning, Regents Committee on Educational Relations, Learning Outcomes and Assessment, Student Grievances, Undergraduate Certificate Programs
201 Catt
Diane Smith Program Coordinator I
341 Catt
Will Stone Websites

Mary Ullestad-Heneke Program Coordinator II Scholarships
229 Catt
Samone York Grant Coordinator