Bailey Research Career Development Award Proposal Deadline

CATEGORIES: Grant deadlines
October 23, 2018

Prior to submission, an LOI will be due on October 6. The PI needs to send an email to Julie Palmer containing the project title, a list of all co-PIs and co-PIs departments, and all internal collaborators and departments of collaborators.

Applications should be submitted electronically to Julie Palmer by October 23. Eligibility is restricted to full-time tenured associate professors and professors. The overall goal of this award is to foster innovative research (outside of established research program) and, not only increase knowledge but have practical applications. The Bailey award should allow faculty to devote time toward high-risk, high-impact research addressing emerging scientific, technical and/or societal problems resulting in practical applications and, in appropriate disciplines, extramural funding. The LAS College will forward one selected application to the VPR Office by November 13. One award of $50,000 per year for two or three years will be made competitively in spring.

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