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Hilary Deike

Responsibilities within this role include:

  • Consultation on HR policies and procedures (FMLA, promotions, demotions, title changes, leaves, absences, accommodations, voluntary terminations)
  • Training in HR policies and procedures
  • Advice on HR issues
  • Liaison to central HR
  • Supports HR coordinators
  • Manages HR service coverage for departments
  • Consultation about PIP and Action Plans
  • Reviews and approves compensation changes
  • Trains supervisors in employee performance
  • Assists with employee relations investigations
  • Tracks unsatisfactory performance ratings and PIP progress
  • Consultation on unit staffing needs
  • Consultation on faculty salary negotiations, start-up packages, offer letter
  • Validates academic appointments
  • Tracks and manages required faculty reviews (third year, post-tenure)