Curriculum Committee

Contact Info:

  • LAS Curriculum Committee Chair, Dr. Gordon Miller
  • Send email correspondence to; this email address will reach Chair Miller, Associate Dean Slagell, and Program Coordinator Stephanie Hamilton.
  • Send hardcopy correspondence and forms to LAS Curriculum Committee, c/o Stephanie Hamilton, 202 Catt Hall.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee typically meets 7-8 times each semester; the Committee does not meet during the summer.

Curriculum Committee Meeting Schedule
Sept. 2, 2016 (First meeting of Fall 2016) Agenda Minutes
Sept. 16 Agenda Minutes
Sept. 30 Agenda Minutes
Oct. 14 Agenda Minutes
Oct. 21 Agenda Minutes
Nov. 11 Agenda Minutes
Dec. 2 Agenda Minutes
Dec. 9 (if needed) Agenda Minutes

Previous Meeting Minutes 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013

Catalog and Curricula

Each member of the LAS Curriculum Committee focuses catalog efforts on a cluster of disciplines: Listing of Cluster Area Responsibilities. These individuals can answer your specific curricular questions. The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee webpage includes important information on the catalog editing process.

Experimental Course Proposals

Experimental Course Proposals must be submitted electronically. For guaranteed review before registration period, Experimental Course Proposals should be ready for the LASCC by these dates: Spring Course Offerings - September 30 (After September 30, proposals will be reviewed as time allows, in the order they are received.) Summer and Fall Course Offerings - February 15  (After February 15, proposals will be reviewed as time allows, in the order they are received.) Experimental Course Proposals received after the deadline will be reviewed in the order received. To be placed on the LASCC agenda, an experimental course proposal should be at the stage of LAS Coordinator approval (this person acts on behalf of the LASCC) in the CIM-X system by 5PM on the Tuesday before a scheduled meeting. Proposals received after this time will be reviewed as time allows on the agenda. To submit a proposal, visit the Registrars Catalog Editing Page, click on "Quick Links", and then choose "Experimental course submittal system" in the list.  Anyone with a NetID can submit a new X course in this system. Fields for "Departmental Curriculum Chair" and "Department Chair" will automatically populate based on the LAS Departmental Curriculum Contacts  for catalog updates (pertinent curricular contacts and individuals responsible for various steps of catalog review and updating).

Catalog Updating and Approval Workflow

LAS Deadlines for 2017-18 Catalog Editing Deadline for COURSES (e.g. numbers, titles, descriptions, adding or deleting, etc.): Preferred date for submitting course edits: April 1, 2016 Final LAS deadline for submitting course edits: April 15, 2016 All course-level edits are reviewed by LASCC Cluster Area Approvers and the LASCC Chair; the last LASCC meeting for Spring 2016 will be April 22, 2016. Editing for NARRATIVE PORTIONS (e.g. mastheads, 4-year plans, program descriptions, etc.): Preferred date for submitting narrative edits: October 15, 2016 Final LAS deadline for submitting narrative edits: November 1, 2016 The Catalog Workflow document shows the standard editing and approval workflows for LAS (course-level catalog changes; narrative/masthead catalog changes; experimental course approvals). **Spring 2016 LAS Curriculum Memo Fall 2015 LAS Curriculum Memo ****Spring 2015 LAS Curriculum Memo****