Meet your LASERS team

The LASERS team provides research related service to college faculty to increase and diversify their research portfolios. Contact us!

LASERS Services

LASER team members support faculty in all aspects of pre-award research related services. The services offered include full and partial support for the following research development activities:

Explore Sponsored Research Opportunities— Discover federal, industry and foundation funding opportunities; match faculty to open solicitation and offer training for opportunity searching.

Concept Development— Meet with faculty directly to gain insight into research strengths, engage faculty in creating diverse and compelling proposals, refine the proposal concept, develop process timeline, and increase effectiveness with sponsors.

Comprehensive Pre-Award Support— Including, review of proposal to match the solicitation guidelines, state of work, task definition, compliance criteria, required subcontractor information, specific application package documentation, ISU internal approvals, CVs, current & pending support, data management, postdoc mentoring plans, broader impact statements, and solicitation specific documentation and information.

Working with LASERS

Faculty are encouraged to contact the LASERS team at any point in the research process; from funding searches to proposal development and submission. We are best able to provide thorough assistance when contacted as early as possible in the submission process.