Academic Standards and Admissions Committee

The duties of this committee shall be to discuss and make recommendations on problems relevant to academic standards, to consider the readmission of students dropped from the College, and to report to the University Academic Standards Committee each fall. This committee is responsible for reviewing standards and procedures relating to admission of students to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and for recommending admissions policies to the Representative Assembly.

Dan Krier, Sociology, Chair (term ends S2022)
Brian Behnken, History (term ends S2022)
Xuan Hien Nguyen, Mathematics (term ends S2021)
Cristina Pardo-Ballester, WLC (term ends S2020)
Michael Shogren-Knaak, BBMB (term ends S2021)
Kate Padgett Walsh, Philosophy and Religious Studies (term ends S2022)
Mason Babcock, LAS Student Academic Services
Kent Kerby, LAS Assistant Dean

Curriculum Committee

This committee shall make recommendations to the College faculty on matters of educational policy related to the structure and content of the College curricula. The committee shall prepare the portions of the University Catalog related to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, according to the guidelines from the University Curriculum Committee.

Mark Hargrove, BBMB, Chair (term ends S2022)
Jenny Aune, ENGL (term ends S2024)
Soma Chaudhuri, Computer Science (term ends S2022)
Travis Chilcott, Philosophy and Religious Studies (term ends S2024)
Mary Creswell, Music and Theatre (term ends S2022)
Max Guyll, Psychology (term ends S2021)
Charles Kerton, Physics and Astronomy (term ends S2023)
Brent Kreider, Economics (term ends S2024)
Amy Erica Smith, Political Science (S2024)
>>Thomas Holme, Chemistry (substitute for Smith, 2019-20)
Kathleen Timmons, LAS Student Academic Services
Stephanie Hamilton, LAS College Program Coordinator
Amy Slagell, LAS Associate Dean

Find more information on the Curriculum Committee page.

LAS Computer Advisory Committee

The committee seeks and reviews proposals for computer-based instructional support. It also reviews policy regarding the University student computer fee. The university-wide student computer fee was established to provide improved computer facilities throughout the University and to stimulate the use of computer-based instruction. This committee leads the pursuit of those goals for the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The LAS Advisory Committee has been set up as a committee with the responsibility to allocate money for academic computing in the College. The committee allocates over $500,000 per year collected from student computer fees.

Matthew Hufford, EEOB, Chair (term ends S2020)
Jan Boyles, Greenlee (term ends S2020)
Olga Chyzh, Political Science (term ends S2021)
Charles Nagle, WLC (term ends S2020)
Lu Ruan, Computer Science (term ends S2022)
Geoffrey Sauer, English (term ends S2020)
Arne Hallam, LAS Associate Dean

Student membership varies by year.

Faculty Awards Committee

The committee shall concern itself with general modes and procedures for faculty and alumni recognition. It shall consider and make recommendations to the Dean on nominations for Faculty Citations, Alumni Awards, Distinguished Professorships, Outstanding Teacher Awards, and other awards as requested by the Dean.

Elizabeth Hoffman, Economics, Chair (term ends S2021)
Susan Yager, English (term ends S2020)
Scott Hansen, Math (term ends S2020)
Olga Mesropova, WLC (term ends S2021)
Gordon Miller, Chemistry (term ends S2022)
James Raich, EEOB (term ends S2020)
Julie Palmer, LAS College Staff
Leslie Hogben, LAS Associate Dean

Find more information on Awards for Faculty and Staff.

Faculty Development Committee

The committee shall concern itself with matters pertaining to the professional growth of faculty members. It shall attempt to promote an atmosphere generally conducive for maximum development in the areas of teaching, research and service and ensure faculty awareness of opportunities. It shall support individual departments toward these ends. At the request of the Dean, the committee shall review and make recommendations upon proposals for faculty development involving university or collegiate resources, including Faculty Professional Development Assignments, Foreign Travel Grants, University Research Grants, and other similar programs.

Carol Chapelle, English, Chair (term ends S2022)
Travis Butler, Philosophy and Religious Studies (term ends S2020)
Helle Bunzel, Economics (term ends S2020)
Rachel Haywood-Ferreira, WLC (term ends S2020)
Jorgen Johansen, BBMB (term ends S2022)
Gloria Jones-Johnson, Sociology (term ends S2022)
Young-Jin Lee, Chemistry (term ends S2022)
Bernard Lidicky, Math (term ends S2022)
YuYu Zhou, GEAT (term ends S2020)
Julie Palmer, LAS College Staff
Leslie Hogben, LAS Associate Dean

Honors Committee

This committee shall review on behalf of the College the programs of study proposed by students wishing to participate in the Honors Program. It shall attempt to ensure that the programs approved satisfy the College’s basic criteria regarding a liberal education while allowing students with superior scholastic ability an extended range of possibilities for enhancement of their educational experience.

Kevin Blankenship, Psychology, Chair (term ends S2021)
William Carter, WLC (term ends S2020)
James Cochran, Physics and Astronomy (term ends S2022)
Charissa Menefee, English (term ends S2021)
Donald Sakaguchi, GDCB (term ends S2020)
Jonathan Tsou, Philosophy & Religious Studies (term ends S2022)
Emily Olson, LAS Student Academic Services
Kent Kerby, LAS Assistant Dean

Find more information on the Honors Program.

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

The committee shall concern itself with general modes and procedures for faculty promotions and tenure, and act as a review and advisory panel to the Dean on departmental promotion and tenure recommendations. It will not be an appellate committee for individual faculty members.

Lynn Clark, EEOB, Chair (term ends S2020)
Heike Hofmann, Statistics (term ends S2021)
Stephanie Madon, Psychology (term ends S2021)
Mark Rectanus, WLC (term ends S2020)
Matthew Sivils, English (term ends S2022)
Theresa Windus, Chemistry (term ends S2020)
Gaye Simonson, LAS College Staff
Arne Hallam, LAS Associate Dean

Find more information on Promotion and Tenure.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The LAS Diversity Committee will advise the Dean on the full range of diversity issues confronted by the College. These include issues related to the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff, and student population; the quality of the college and university environments for diverse populations; and the appropriateness of the curriculum in providing students with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to function as global citizens. Beyond identifying issues, the Committee is charged with making concrete recommendations for change aimed at enhancing diversity in the College. The LAS Diversity Committee is also asked to coordinate with its university counterpart and to advise the Dean regarding recommendations from the university committee and their implementation.

Javier Vela, Chemistry, Chair and College Equity Adviser
Clark Coffman, GDCB (term ends S2021)
Gustavo Macintosh, BBMB (term ends S2022)
Meifen Wei, Psychology (term ends S2020)
Tunde Adeleke , Director, African and African American Studies
Sebastian Braun, Director, American Indian Studies
Lucia Suarez, Director, U.S. Latino/a Studies
Ann Oberhauser, Director, Women’s and Gender Studies
Christy Oxendine, LAS Multicultural Liaison Officer
Beate Schmittmann, LAS Dean

Find more information on the LAS College Diversity page.

Outcomes Committee

he LAS Outcomes Committee will advise the Dean/College on issues related to student learning outcomes, the value of a liberal arts and sciences degree, and the impact of general education. The Committee will also serve as a resource to support departments and programs in meeting their responsibilities for establishing and assessing student learning outcomes and using results to improve their programs and courses.

Robert Wallace, EEOB, Chair (term ends S2022)
David Alexander, Philosophy and Religious Studies (term ends S2022)
Michael Dahlstrom, Greenlee (term ends S2021)
Sarah Davis, English (term ends S2021)
Tonglu Li, WLC (term ends S2021)
Gurpur Prabhu, Computer Science (term ends S2022)
Stephanie Hamilton, LAS College Program Coordinator
Amy Slagell, LAS Associate Dean

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Sustainability Committee (Green Team)